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View Jan DAtri, Red Mountains Culinary Chef, prepare blueberry protein pancakes, including our unique protein shake!
Blueberry Protein Pancakes.
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl (for the batter).
Heat a pan on a stove-top on medium heat.
Spray with non-stick cooking spray, then put batter onto pan.
Prepare for 2-3 minutes on one side, then turn. Repeat for other side up until done.
Place onto a plate, drizzle with syrup and take pleasure in!
Blueberry protein pancakes: now, thats a dish thats easy to make, tastes fantastic, and will assist you lose weight and keep it off.
Im Jan DAtri and this is Clean Eating the Red Mountain Way!
Breakfast is so important– weve heard it a lot of times, and these handy pancakes are worth waking up to.
Here are your active ingredients: (1) protein powder– the Red Mountain vanilla creamy and thick variation, or any protein shake that has a mix of 15 grams of protein, 0 to 5 grams of carbs, and 0 to 3 grams of fat, (2) some filtered water, (3) the whites of one big egg, & & (4) a little cinnamon, which assists to reduce swelling and heart problem, and reduces blood glucose, and, of course, (5) fresh blueberries– a preferred superfood due to the fact that theyre high in vitamin C, they assist improve memory, heart disease, and they lower blood pressure. Blueberries are likewise very high in antioxidants, which means they can secure versus the impacts of aging. Oh, I like that!
Integrate 2 scoops of protein powder, the egg white, a pinch or two of cinnamon, and sufficient water to develop a thick batter. Spray some zero-calorie cooking spray onto a hot frying pan and make your pancakes.
I discussed that a protein-rich breakfast is so crucial, due to the fact that protein makes you feel complete. By eating protein in the morning, youre going to remain fuller longer throughout the day.
Now, with these pancakes you have to be a little bit patient; They take a bit longer than most pancakes.
So, what will you pour over your stack? How about a zero-calorie, fat free pancake syrup of your option?
And … breakfast is served! Another terrific way to start the day from the Red Mountain kitchen.
Enjoy more delicious dishes from our RM Clean Eating Kitchen series with Red Mountains Culinary Chef, Jan DAtri and discover to eat clean the Red Mountain Way!

Blueberries are also very high in anti-oxidants, which suggests they can safeguard versus the results of aging. Rinse 3/4 of a cup of blueberries truly well and set aside in a bowl. Combine 2 scoops of protein powder, the egg white, a pinch or 2 of cinnamon, and enough water to develop a thick batter. Carefully stir in the blueberries. Spray some zero-calorie cooking spray onto a hot frying pan and make your pancakes.

Jan DAtri is Red Mountains official Culinary Chef, offering patients with a variety of instructional videos concerning how to cook healthy meals.
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