Marathon Training Day 1 – Video Diary?

I mentioned at the start of this year that I wanted to get back to daily running blog updates. But there were several speed bumps that got in the way… staying at AirBnBs, then my friend’s house and finally the COVID19 pandemic all impacted both my running, eating and blogging.

So while I’ve been running and EATING… I haven’t been documenting it to share on Run Eat Repeat because it’s messy.

Then, I remembered – I am messy. I’ve always been messy!

When I started this lil ol’ running blog I was using the most tragic quality photos and posting unappetizing food photos and unflattering selfies as if I was trying to win first place in the Worst Blog Ever Awards.

marathon training day 1marathon training day 1

Just like in running – I’m only competing against myself. And luckily(?) I set the bar very low in the beginning so I shouldn’t stop myself from posting daily updates because they’re not perfectly curated recipe photos or action running shots.

A daily update of my marathon training journey is the best way to share what it’s really like to train for a marathon. So you’ve been warned – the daily running diary is back, it’s going to be fun (hopefully) and it’s not going to be fancy (obviously).

This time I’ll be doing video updates because I like talking to you and checking in before or after a run.

For now I’m aiming to update every day for 90 days – that’s about 12 weeks away. (Most marathon training plans are 16 to 20 weeks depending on your goals, fitness base and experience. I’m starting with a base and have to stay flexible about the race I’ll run since many races are still being cancelled or rescheduled.)

12 weeks or 90 days isn’t the end of my marathon training plan because I’m not sure if my goal race will be cancelled (it’s scheduled for October as of right now – but things are changing daily). Most likely it will be a virtual race this year. So I have to be open minded and flexible about this training cycle. And for now I’m just making the goal to check in for about 12 weeks because it’s doable and realistic AND because I’ll need to update my training and race goals as we get more information on running events for this year and next.

For now my running goal is to train for a marathon in October. If the race is virtual – okay. If it’s cancelled – okay. If I find an in-person event in Nov or Dec – I might switch to that.

And my blogging goal is to document my training every day for the next 90 days. [*Except Sundays… I’m planning on taking Sundays off from social media and blogging. That day might change depending on the week.]

I’ve wanted to restart running and eating updates for a while and decided to press record this morning and just start mid-week. So here it is – day one of marathon training.

Marathon Training Day 1


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