Our changing world

This article includes links I have been paid to include but all the way I feel about our changing world.

Do you ever sit and wonder how the world will be in a few years time? What life will be like for your children or grandchildren? It is a strange time isn’t it. The pandemic and subsequent changes to the world could really change so much.

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Do you love to go on holiday? I know I do but I do wonder how things will change now. If aeroplanes have to fly with less passengers then surely they will need to put up their prices. This is something which I have really thought about and wonder if indirectly the pandemic may make overseas travel less accessible to the majority of people.

Will there be restrictions on travelling without vaccines to even close countries and will this country receive as much tourism as it did previously?

girl runs on beach at sunset. Barefoot. It keeps fit and tanning on vacation.
girl runs on beach at sunset. Barefoot. It keeps fit and tanning on vacation.

Day to day life

Will children be back at school in the same way they were? I wonder if classes will be smaller permanently and maybe more people will home educate? If you are considering this in our changing world do check out my directory of resources here. I guess it is not suitable for everyone but depending on your job it may be a perfect way forward for you and your family.

I am shielded so have not been in shops since the start of this pandemic but in our changing world, I do wonder if they will continue this way long into the future. Do you think there will be more of a tendency for online shopping? I have become a regular user of Amazon Prime and especially the Prime Now app to order food to often come the same day!

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Work and business

Do you work in a role where you have been required to work from home during the pandemic. I wonder if our changing world will mean this becomes the norm in many more jobs than it was previously. Of course I work from home anyway but others are found having to do office based work in the home. Some medical professionals are also having to do online consultations.

What about the jobs which require your physical presence? I do think there will be a lot less physical contact and things like screens and biometric access control will be put into place so people are not touching the same things. Clocking in systems and such could be a thing of the past with facial recognition systems taking over.

How will your life change? Do you think your families life will be very different in a few years time? Are you worried about the future or do you welcome more working from home and fewer people on public transport or on planes? Do share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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