Using the freezer to store foods – top tips

Sliced broccoli, carrots, onions and cheese in plastic freezer bags.

Freezing is one of the most effective methods to save food for later usage. You might have bought a couple of products at you will be considering eating, but perhaps due to your busy schedule, you forgot them, and they wind up in a sad corner of your fridge. Putting them in the freezer indicates they do not go to waste.

Your freezer is the perfect service to this issue, however which of the active ingredients you can save in your freezer? How should you freeze them? Do not worry, I have actually created a perfect guide for all of your issues and confusion.

At the end of the day, you end up tossing them, squandering your money, and a good portion of food. Some people prepare the food beforehand and let them sit in the refrigerator to avoid moulding, but for how long will you be able to keep the food?

Food that you can freeze

Let us talk about what you can freeze:

Vegetables and fruits with high water material due to the fact that once they defrost, they will become mushy.Fried food items since when they thaw, the breading will end up being soggy.Tip: I recommend freezing food that can be fried, raw. You do not have to get them to room temperature level to fry them. Start to fry or bake them on low heat when only partly defrosted.

Eggs (Without shells) StockButterCheeseFresh HerbsWineBananas (Skinned) Fully cooked riceMeat (Cooked or raw) BreadFully prepared pastaPeasMushroomsCornsNutsMilk– as long as you completely defrost and shake well as it seperatesFood that you need to not freeze

How to freeze


Putting foods in freezer evidence bags and containers is far better than freezing them in the packs you get them from at the grocery store. , if you do this you decrease the possibility of freezer burn.

Tip: Make sure to bring all the food products to space temperature level before freezing.


Tip: Once the meat is defrosted, do not refreeze it. Cook it, and after that freeze it in a zip-lock bag.

You can freeze the entire eggs after they are gotten rid of from the shells in a big ice tray or blended, into a zip lock bag. An excellent method to guarantee you do not squander any decreased eggs you purchase.

Eggs (Without shells).

Zip the bag till the straw and press out the air, then zip it completely. OR You can dip the bag in the ice-cold water keeping the opening end outside the water.

White wine.


I suggest you freeze the private portions of meat in a zip-lock bag. Attempt to take out all of the air from the pack to avoid freeze burns.


I suggest you grate the cheese or cut it in cubes prior to freezing in a zip lock bag. When defrosted it does not keep for long, if you freeze it in one big block be sure you would be able to thaw and use it in one go as.

Totally cooked pasta.

Freeze fresh herbs in an ice tray with olive oi or a little water.



Slice and portion them, then freeze them in a zip-lock bag. When you defrost them they will likely be soggier than usual however when you prepare them they will be great.

Tip: You can thaw them by baking them. It will provide them a sweet toasted flavor.

You can freeze it as it is in the package or cube it into smaller sized portions and freeze.

Par-boil the peas with salt and freeze them in a zip lock bag.

So, the next time you desire to freeze something, make certain you follow these easy guidelines!
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Freeze leftover wine quickly in an ice tray. Though how anyone has remaining white wine is beyond me!

How should you freeze them? Veggies and fruits with high water content because as soon as they defrost, they will end up being mushy.Fried food items due to the fact that when they defrost, the breading will end up being soggy.Tip: I recommend freezing food that can be fried, raw. Pointer: Place a straw at the edge of the bag. Zip the bag till the straw and press out the air, then zip it totally. OR You can dip the bag in the ice-cold water keeping the opening end outside the water.

Fully cooked rice.


Tip: Dont thaw the bread slices. Bake them or toast them to avoid soaked slices.

Portion it and freeze in an air-tight container.

Slice the bread and freeze in an air-tight container. Freeze in a bag however you would have to be sure to not squash them under something in the freezer!

Portion it and freeze in an air-tight container. If you find it much easier to microwave some frozen rice for a couple of minutes to choose a meal, especially a sluggish cooker one when you get home after a hectic day then this is the best method to take pleasure in rice too.

Sweetcorn and Nuts.


Pointer: Use the white wine cubes in your glass wine instead of ice. It will chill it down without watering down. It is an easy way to include wine to food.

Stock can be kept in an ice tray or a plastic bottle. A perfect method to avoid losing any fresh stock you make and can not utilize.


Part it and freeze in an air-tight container. A fantastic method to freeze extra to quickly contribute to bulk up a soup or make a fast pasta salad.

Tip: Dont thaw the herb cubes. Use them directly in the pan.

Cut them into pieces and freeze in a zip-lock bag. Dont forget to squeeze out the air from the bag before freezing.

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