What the Boston Marathon Cancellation Means for Running – Podcast 125

The Boston Marathon announced it’s officially cancelled for 2020. This has never happened before. But – Should you care if you weren’t planning on ever running Boston?? Yes, because this announcement may have an impact on all the other races this year. 

And last week I said I was changing up my long run day to mid-week… but I was almost stopped by a gear breakdown. Plus we have announcements and awards – let’s get started with the warm-up!

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Boston Marathon 2020 cancelled podcastBoston Marathon 2020 cancelled podcast

Boston Marathon Cancelled – What does this mean for other races?

Warm Up:

Black Lives Matter Info & Resources:

Changing My Long Run Day

Updates: I’m changing up my long run to a weekday. I wasn’t sure how it’d go and am sharing a training update. But the problem I thought I’d have with changing it (mostly it feeling ‘off’) wasn’t the big problem. I ran into 2 unexpected issues though!

1. First my last weekend long run was supposed to be 15-16 miles, I give myself a window to allow for checking in with myself, weather, fuel, the path, etc.

Long Run Day Change Running Podcast 125Long Run Day Change Running Podcast 125

2. This week I did my long run on Thursday and it was almost foiled by a gear malfunction!

Long Run Day Change Running Podcast 125Long Run Day Change Running Podcast 125

Even if you’re not a marathon runner or maybe you’re not trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon – the Boston Marathon Cancellation for 2020 may have an impact on tons of other races this year.

I was surprised and disappointed when I heard the Boston Marathon was cancelled even though I wasn’t registered for it this year – because I think the Boston Marathon’s cancellation will impact other full and half marathon races all around the country.

A quick update on recent race news – The Boston Marathon was originally scheduled for April 20th. But when the Coronavirus started spreading faster than Des Linden the race was postponed to September 14th. This became the first time the marathon was cancelled, and the second time it has been modified; the first time being in 1918, when the race was changed from a marathon to a military relay race because of World War I.

I have a few friends that called it when they said they were going virtual. A few friends who are friends with race directors and race sponsors were very skeptical that the race could be held safely. 

The Boston Marathon 2020 Facts:

  • This is the first time the race will not be held in 124 years. It’s been run in rain and snow and during wars. So this is history making.
  • It’s the world’s oldest annual marathon.
  • There are over 30,000 runners and 500,000 spectators.
  • The course is point to point = runners start 26.2 miles away and run to the finish line. So it starts in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and ends near the center of Boston.

This means that not only are there thousands of runners close together at the start and during the race… but all the runners pile on busses to get to the starting line early race day. Then, we wait together in the pre-race staging area. Then, when your race corral is called – you head to the starting line where you’re squeezed in with thousands of other runners from all around the world.

And finally… you run along side these other runners – pretty close together. I remember the race course didn’t spread out for a few miles! And everyone is breathing heavily near each other.

Boston Marathon Pre-Race Buses and Start Line

Boston Marathon cancelled 2020 start line busBoston Marathon cancelled 2020 start line bus Boston Marathon 2020 cancelled podcastBoston Marathon 2020 cancelled podcast boston marathon start line porta pottiesboston marathon start line porta potties

There’s no way the race could go on safely while we’re still battling the Coronavirus pandemic.

But – if anyone could do it, it would have been the Boston Marathon.

The Boston Athletic Association has been doing this for over 100 years. They are running a full scare military operation to have the marathon run smoothly and safely. There are massive amounts of resources that go into the planning and event day. The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has organized this event since 1897

The Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGilivray has worked with the Boston Marathon since 1988, first as technical director, and then as race director beginning in 2001.

Boston Marathon 2020 cancelled podcastBoston Marathon 2020 cancelled podcast

Here’s a round up of some of my Boston Marathon training, race weekend and tips posts. Plus a link to the Boston Marathon Documentary review. If you were registered for the race go to the race website for updates on the virtual race.

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  • 1st Place: TV Shows that post as podcasts! Today I’m loving The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – ears edition.
  • 2nd Place: New Girl – I need to watch something light and fluffy before bed.
  • 3rd Place: Cherries!! They’re in season – get ‘em fast!!

running podcast Virtual Racerunning podcast Virtual Race


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